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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Doctor Who Virtual Race Series

It is no secret I am slightly obsessed with certain sci-fi and fantasy books, movies, and shows. Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Doctor Who are at the top of that list. So when the 50th Anniversary was up and coming for Doctor Who I poked around on the internet wondering if there were any virtual Doctor Who themed races.

My Nerd Credentials from a 3D Theater Showing of the 50th Anniversary Show

If you are wondering what a virtual race is you are not alone. Simply put you sign up for an event, pay your registration fee, and agree to certain terms like how far you'll run, when you'll run. Ultimately, it is on the honor system that you actually get out there and run the good run and with most races there is a sweet race medal that is sent to you via mail.

I came across the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Virtual fun run/walk group page on facebook and signed up right away.  There are different options on how far you'll choose to go. I selected the Half Marathon.  I received this great Doctor Who 50th Anniversary themed medal and better still, much of the proceeds benefited the survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing. 

50th Anniversary Medal

There is a great sense of community on that group page. I've found runners and walkers to share a bond that I haven't seen elsewhere. I guess it is because we are all a little crazy and it's more fun to be crazy with friends. Add that with shared enthusiasm bordering on obsession about the show and you get a good time. I had the chance to talk with Queenie Zook, one of the organizers for the virtual race series, and learn more about how it all came about.

RL:How did you and Princess Seven come up with the idea to start these virtual races?

QZ: The virtual running was my idea. I had seen a couple online and wanted to do my own series, focusing on peace, love, pay it forward. acceptance. etc. I had mentioned it to Princess Seven once (she is not a runner) and she said if she were a runner, she would do a Dr Who medal. I said who?? Hahaha. Told her she might sell 10 if she was lucky. We originally ordered 50 medals. I was quickly sucked in to the world of Whovian. You all are great, but I am Seussian to my core. 
RL: I think we are all Seussians on some level Queenie. So it started with the Doctor Who 50th anniversary virtual race. I love the medal from that one! It is proudly displayed in my home. That first race benefited the Boston Marathon bombing victims correct? 
QZ: Yes
RL: What other organizations have the races benefited?
QZ:  Neads Service Dogs for Boston, One Fund, Back On My Feet (Great organization-check it out) Currently, (the) Lifelong Aids Foundation out of Seattle. Also $300 for yearbooks for the homeless graduates in our school system and we adopted 10 students who we clothed and (bought) shoe's for the first day of school. We work closely with our soup kitchen and Spin CafĂ© who feeds and does laundry for homeless and special needs youth. We are often spur of the moment. If we see a need in our community or are contacted about a need, we give it if we have it. 

RL: The race medals are fantastic! Who does the design work?

QZ: The 50th anniversary was designed by Ruby Dee via Crown Awards. The rest have been designed by us via Crown Awards.

RL: There have been 5 races so far with the latest being the 50mile and 100 mile Ultra-Whovian Challenge. What else is on the horizon?

QZ:  Weeping Angel is the next in line. We are working on copyrights for (a) Dalek (medal), and a few have asked for Adipose. Who knows, we make it up as we go.

RL:  Just like the Doctor. Anything else you'd like to add?

QZ:  Well I have had a blast getting to know the Whovian culture.

RL: Thank you for your time and all the hard work you and Princess Seven have put in. 

Here is the link for the page. Sign up links are located in the pinned post:

Doctor Who Virtual Race Series