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Thursday, September 10, 2015

8th Annual FAAP Fall Classic 5k/10k

On Sunday (9-6-15), I ran the Filipino American Association of Pittsburgh's (FAAP) 8th Annual Fall Classic.  I had opted for the 5k not knowing how I would feel after Saturday's 23 miler and simply because it has been since March of 2014 that I raced a 5k.

I arrived at North Park about 30 minutes before the start and picked up my packet. I had plenty of time to warm up and talk with friends.  The 10k runners started 5 minutes or so before we were given the go ahead. 

The course was a cross country run with some singletrack with roughly 230 feet of elevation gain. I had planned to run it comfortably hard and hadn't expected much performance wise after the previous day's long run.  At the start I held back a little for the first 50 yards and then seeing the trail approaching I passed a few people while there was space to do so running around a 7:15 pace.  Once on the trail I slowed up a little.  Taking the hills by running a few steps up them and power walking the rest of the way I had a few people pass me, but without spiking my heart rate I was able to overcome them quickly once at the top of the hill.  It had been a while since I was on trail and I was feeling good and in my element.

The most technical section of the 5k wasn't very technical at all.  It was some windy singletrack with a lot of rocks and roots.  By now I was squarely in the tail end of the 10k runners who were taking this area cautiously.  Being a little more seasoned to trails I was able to pass a number of others , both 5 and 10k runners with relative ease.  As the course came back to meet the road I could see 3 people ahead of me. I broke into a full on sprint somewhere in the mid 5's. I managed to pass two people and coming up  close on the third he dug in hard and outran me. I had nothing left to give and happily crossed the finish line.

Afterwards I hung around and talked with friends and watched others finish. Checking the results sheet I couldn't believe  I came in 1st in my age group and 8th overall! I have never had a 1st place before and am ecstatic. Lisa took home a 3rd in age group.

Yeah, we kicked butt.

Before the awards ceremony there were traditional Filipino dances performed.  So cool!

Thanks to Mark, who is the RD, and everyone else who helped put on this great race!

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